Works by Leslie Saalburg 1897-1974

The Brave Doctor - Study
13" x 16.5" Mixed Media
Artist Bio
Leslie Saalburg (1897 - 1974)
Leslie Saalburg was born in London in 1897 to American parents. His father was a political cartoonist for a San Francisco paper, as well as for The Chicago Examiner and The New York World.

At the age of twenty, Saalburg became a freelance fashion illustrator for women’s fashions and did several covers for Vogue. From the point in time, he never lacked work. After Saalburg first visited Europe in 1922, he left his home in NYC nearly every year in order to spend some time in Europe – he was particularly attracted to Paris and England.

Saalburg produced all of the Lincoln car advertising for Edsel Ford in the 1930s. The choice of colors for the cars was left entirely to him. Later he created drawings for Ford, Plymouth and Cadillac. In association with Henry Austin Clark, Jr. of the Long Island Automotive Museum, he produced several large series of luxury automobiles. He illustrated the novels of Henry James and created many works for Town & Country, Vogue, Vanity, Holiday, Colliers, Esquire and other periodicals. Esquire depended upon Sallburg for over thirty years to represent their specialized point of view.

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