Works by Sara Winters

5" x 7" Oil Painting
Artist Bio
Sara was born in Fredericksburg Texas.  She decided she wanted to be an artist when she was four. When she was 15, she moved with her family to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and studied with watercolorist Pat AlFakhri while she was there. In 2004, she moved away from watercolors and acrylics and began painting almost solely with oils.  For the most part, Sara is a self-taught artist, although she has enhanced her skills by attending workshops and demonstrations by Nationally respected artists in recent years.

She works both "en plein air" (outdoor painting) and the studio where she masters her skill at capturing the subtle changes of light as sun and shade change positions through a landscape.  Sara beholds the light and lays out the composition outdoors and then her paintings are tweaked and enhanced in her studio where her completed works exhibit all of the emotions she has felt from the beginning to the moment she signs her name on the piece.  She works in a limited palette of only four colors that she blends in each painting.  She has a trademark of priming her canvases in Cadmium red which allows her work to have a distinctive looks that makes her landscapes "pop" in the eyes of the viewer.

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