Works by Joseph Sulkowski

New York Street Dogs
8" x 10" Oil Painting
Artist Bio
Franklin, TN - Joseph Sulkowski was inspired very early in life by the figurative work of Michelangelo’s Sistine ceiling which he first saw in his father’s art books. From the revelation at five years of age he knew he would be an artist.

Joseph honed his artistic talents first at America’s oldest art school, the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. He then continued his studies into the principles and techniques of the old Masters at the venerable Art Students League of New York where he finished in 1979.

Like the Renaissance artists before him, Joseph regards the meticulous preparation of his paints, oils and varnishes as a major asset. Sulkowski explains what inspires him to those he admires, “To the exquisite draftsmanship and knowledge of the human and animal forms of Michelangelo and Leonardo, add Rubens’ technique of oil, lead and varnish; then add to that Rembrandt’s luminosity; and finally, add Velasquez’s ability to say it all in the fewest strokes.” In this regard, Sulkowski’s paintings may best be described as a fusion of masterful 16th and 17th century Italian and Flemish techniques with a brilliant contemporary flair for expressive brushwork and luminous color.Joseph’s work is represented in public and private collections worldwide. His two murals of Audi Arabian history reside in the King Abdul Aziz museum in Jedda, S.A.

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