Works by Gene Zesch

The Hunter
4" x 7" x 6" Bronze
Artist Bio
Mason, TX - Gene Zesch grew up on a Texas ranch in Mason County, a small place he still calls home. He started woodcarving as a young man and gained national recognition in the 1960's when prominent figures such as Lyndon Johnson and John Connally started collecting his work.

Zesch concentrates on the hardships facing contemporary cowboys and approaches them with humor rather than sentiment. His figures are firmly grounded in modern reality, drawn from his experiences in a ranching community. He focuses on facial expressions, using bold knife cuts to capture the roughness of his subject matter. Throughout his career, Gene has chosen to interpret the American West by chronicling the hopes and frustrations of his own genration of cowboys rather than by escaping into an idealized past.

Many of Gene's woodcarvings have been cast into bronze using the lost wax process. Each limited edition bronze is hand painted by the artist.

Feature articles on Zesch have appeared in Southwest Art, Western Horseman, Art Of The West, Artists Of The Rockies, Art West, and a biography appears in Contemporary West Artists.

When he is not working on a new project, Gene can most likely be found on one of his two means of transportation: his horse or his Harley.

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